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The disAPPility Conservatory teaches you how to LISTEN to music, using a combination of hands-on instruction, lessons and Assistive Technologies:

· The disAPPility Listening Studio enables Deaf & Hard Of Hearing students to HEAR chords, keys, octaves, solo start / end, vocal timing, backup singers, lyrics, orchestra joins in / out, off-key, blown speakers, etc.

· Deaf / Hard Of Hearing students need to SEE what they’re hearing. Music Visualizers combined with musical notations, emojis and lyrics will increase their music comprehension. Automatic Speech Recognition & Sign Language Interpreters augment lessons / instructions as needed.

· Impromptu jam sessions are the highlight of the week. You never know who will join in. Hands-on participation in jam sessions enable the students to FEEL the vibes from the musicians, instruments and the environment.

Evelyn Glennie demonstrates how to listen to music.

· Do you want to LEARN how to play an instrument? Sing a song or aria? Write lyrics and / or compositions? The disAPPility Conservatory teaches Deaf & Hard Of Hearing students via the HEAR / SEE / FEEL method.