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The disAPPility Theater is your EXTRASENSORY Proving Ground. The performers and the audience experience the AUDIO / VISUAL / HAPTIC entertainment spectrums, utilizing Assistive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence applications.


· The Voice: Deaf Judge – Will the chair turn around before the song ends? The Deaf Judge uses disAPPility technologies to inform their decision. The explanations from the Deaf Judge will be interesting! The dialogue between the judges and the audience, even more so!!

· Can you identify The Masked Singer using the Music Visualizer? With your hearing instrument turned off? Can the audience identify The Masked Singer using the Music Visualizer, with the sound muted?

· Extrasensory Concert For The Deaf 2.0 @ The disAPPility Theater.

Transparent holograms display lyrics & visuals at eye level, enabling concertgoers to HEAR / SEE / FEEL the experience surrounding them.

Haptic bodysuits immerse your body in the full audio spectrum, not just the bass. You will FEEL multiple speakers pulsing your body.

*disAPPility clients & students customize their AUDIO / VISUAL / HAPTIC preferences via the Music Signature APP, without compromising the artistic integrity of the concert.

Music Lifts you Up

Music: Not Impossible